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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thank God for the Traffic Aides - Not

In Chicago, I am not sure we cross the street without the helpful traffic aides.

If you walk through downtown you may have noticed them since they are usually by the curb instead of out directing traffic. Apparently they feel no need to get out there in the action, besides there are cars out in the street.

I am also amazed at how they sync their movements with the traffic lights. When the light is green they signal for the traffic to proceed and when it is red they signal for the cars to stop. I guess this is for all the drivers who are unfamiliar with the trafic signals that have been in place since God knows when.

And you have to love the style with which the efficiency with which they conduct their jobs. They don't waste their energy with unnecessary movements. Cars are waived forward by a simplistic circle of the wrist which seems to double for them as way to fan themselves. The stop instruction is given with all the emphasis of the royal wave to the masses.

I am glad that these outstanding public servants are on the city payroll. Maybe since we have them we can remove those unneeded traffic lights and save the city some money.


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