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Monday, February 14, 2005

Every Second Counts

One thing I have noticed at my company over some time is the way the people can't seem to wait to get the elevator doors to close. As soon as the last person is on the elevator someone hits the "close door" button. It is the same whenever someone gets off, whoever is still on practically leaps to close the door. A couple of times I have had someone almost close the doors on me as I was getting off. Apparently my exit was not speedy enough.

I am not sure why most folks feel that they can't afford to lose that extra second waiting for the doors to close automatically. Especially since "a sense of urgency" does not seem to be woven into our corporate culture. Maybe it is because there is a button that gives folks the power to make a decision on their own and so by using this power it makes them feel somewhat better about themselves.

Whatever the reason I find it somewhat rude and annoying. Really is that extra second really gonna matter? I find it hard to believe people will think 'I could have gotten more done if only I hadn't waster so much time waiting for the elevator door to close.'


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