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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ain't talking 'bout love

Well I just read that Meredith Phillips and Ian McKee have split up. Who are they? They were America's cutest couple from the second season of the bachelorette. Am I happy they broke up? Well I could not care less really except for one thing, after the show they had no problem going on every talk show and appearing in every "People" type magazine professing their undying love for each other and how this was the real deal. So I guess it wasn't so real after all. Maybe they realized that the circumstance under which they met were slightly unusual and that when the cameras turned off they had to adjust to being together and dealing with real relationship issues, which are never easy.

I love that celebrities, in this case pseudo-celebrities, go to the press and tell every one how mush they are in love, that this is the real thing and that they are soul mates. Then two weeks/two months later they have broken up, but are still good friends. Hey how about you just shut up. Relationships are hard things to keep going and many times it seems easier to walk away than go back and try to work things out. I mean, I know the giddiness at the start of a relationship seems like it will last forever, but just because you got along great on the set or at the post Oscar bash, doesn't mean that your new crush is the love of your life.


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