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Monday, May 23, 2005

Death of the Middle

Whatever happened to fair and balanced discourse in this country and the objective to reach common ground?

It seems that more and more all we every see are the extremist positions of each issue. The various pundits come on (radio or tv) and basically say there is only one side to things and if you don't agree with them wholeheartedly you are wrong, un-american or both. The only side that matters is the one they are on. We never hear anyone concede valid arguments to the other side and seem to be letting the extremists move us to "absolute" positions with no middle ground.

What is wrong with admitting that each side has good points and that the merits of the arguments should be taken into account? Instead we seem to think that if we yell long enough and call them enough names, people will see "our" side of the story, persuasion through intimidation.

Also these absolutist positions obscure some of the valid arguments the pundits make. I have to admit that Rush Limbaugh does make some good points in his criticism of liberals and Democrats. Unfortunately he clouds his points with name-calling and his own extremist opinions.

I mention Rush Limbaugh because he is an extremely well know example. But let me make it clear that liberals are just as guilty in this as conservatives. I saw James Carville and Mary Matlin on "Meet the Press" and was equally disgusted by both.

As the airwaves become more cluttered with "left" and "right" views of things, there seems to be plenty or space in the middle. God forbid that you can see both sides of things.


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