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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Lazy Media

I was watching my local news the other day and saw a story about college students on spring break. The story focused on binge drinking and how college students still drink excessively. This is news? Come on, this has been going since there was college, but every year the news folks drudge it up and try to pretend it is a "new" thing.

I saw a story the other night, that the Bush administration is creating "news" stories (whether this is right or not is a other story) and that local news stations are airing them unedited, as if they are actual news. Good grief Charlie Brown! Those news directors should be fired! Is the news now up for sale? If I have a piece on a subject I care about, then if I create a story on it and send it in, will the station air that as well? News is not for sale.

And finally, I do not want to hear the argument that the news media is simply giving the public what it wants. News is not about that, it's about telling the public what is should hear it, whether they like it or not. News should not pander to popular tastes.

It is because of things like this that I rarely watch my local news. I want to be informed when I watch the news and not feel like I have wasted my time.


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