Blogging Along

Monday, August 29, 2005

Welcome to Suburbia

It's been a year since we moved from Chicago to Indiana and every once in a while I get hit wtih something that reminds me of just how different things are out here in the sticks.

This example comes from my recent weekend trip to Menards. As I was walking through there looking for a lightbulb I passed a promotion area near the front of the store. What were they promoting? Camouflage screens for hunting. I guess that hunters with their high-powered rifles and scopes don't have enough of an advantage over those sneaky deer.

I bet if they sold something similar in Chicago these screens would look like a dumpster or an abandoned car.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Equal opportunity for Stupidity

It seems that both sides can blame their audience when issuing a non-apology. This time it is Pat Roberts who states that when he said the U. S. should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez the AP misinterpreted him.

Come on. We have the video and it is very clear that he is calling for an assassination, even though he technically did not say it.

Again, just another example in our society where everyone is blameless and it is always the other guy's fault.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm sorry you're stupid

What happened to real apologies? The latest version of the non-apology apology that you might be aware of is the one from NARAL. These are the folks that put up a very misleading ad about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, which made him look like he supported abortion clinic bombings.

Well it came out that while the facts of the ad were correct, NARAL made a huge leap in their argument and that really their ad was false in its premise and NARAL came under pressure to remove their ad, which they did.

But did they apologize for playing fast and loose with the facts? No, not really. They apologized for the fact that the public "misunderstood" their ad. Look when you basically lie you bet people can misunderstand things. You should apologize for the lie, not for the fact that people did not see your lie for what it was. And let me add here that I am a supporter of a woman's right to choose.

This just points to the bigger issue that no apologizes for anything. They were misquoted or the audience did not understand what they meant. It is really insulting that people/organizations take no responsibility for their statements and try to shift the burden of understanding to the audience. When you lie, or make deceiving statements, it is your responsibility to take the heat and not try to shift the blame to your audience.

By the way, if you don't like this entry, you have misunderstood my point and I can't be responsible for that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thank God for the Traffic Aides - Not

In Chicago, I am not sure we cross the street without the helpful traffic aides.

If you walk through downtown you may have noticed them since they are usually by the curb instead of out directing traffic. Apparently they feel no need to get out there in the action, besides there are cars out in the street.

I am also amazed at how they sync their movements with the traffic lights. When the light is green they signal for the traffic to proceed and when it is red they signal for the cars to stop. I guess this is for all the drivers who are unfamiliar with the trafic signals that have been in place since God knows when.

And you have to love the style with which the efficiency with which they conduct their jobs. They don't waste their energy with unnecessary movements. Cars are waived forward by a simplistic circle of the wrist which seems to double for them as way to fan themselves. The stop instruction is given with all the emphasis of the royal wave to the masses.

I am glad that these outstanding public servants are on the city payroll. Maybe since we have them we can remove those unneeded traffic lights and save the city some money.