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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Commuter Behavior

I believe that sociologists could have a career studying the behavior of commuters and trying to explain their actions.

For instance, in the winter, when it is freezing outside, why do some people decide to go stand by the train tracks instead of waiting inside the station? Where I get on, there is no danger of not having a seat, which I might understand if that was the case. Although I would trade frostbite for standing up on the ride. Are they that worried that "their seat" will be taken if they are not earlier in line to board? And if so, so what? It is not like some seats are nicer than others; they are all cramped.

Also, it's not like it is a long walk from the station to the train. There is a bell in the station that signals an incoming train. So they would still have plenty of time to get to the boarding area if they left when the bell sounded. Apparently though that is not good enough and they need to be out there, braving the elements, like the idiot reporters they send out during storms to tell you to stay home if you don't need to go out.

So no matter what the weather, there they are standing out by the boarding platform waiting for the train. The commuter lookouts.


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