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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I thought Tourist Season was over

As a commuter I understand that during the summer, the evening commute will have those folks who have made a day trip into the city. I realize that for the summer months I will have to hear things like:

Where's our stop?
Everyone stay together.
That Sears Tower is one tall building.
Did you wash your hand after tipping the bum?

I know that during this time I will have to put up with their loud conversations, since they seem to think that the seats absorb sounds and basically shout to each other over the roar of the train. Which by the way is electric, so there is no loud engine.

But I thought this was supposed to end after Labor Day. The other night a group of older folks were coming back from Chicago and proceeded to make the sound of nails on a chalkboard seem like sweet music compared to them.

There was one lady who seemed to want the entire car to know what her conversation was about. In addition to the "lovely" sound of her voice we were also treated to her cackling laugh, which made me keep looking up to see if she was stirring a boiling cauldron. She also kept daring someone in her group to do something, not just daring them but "double-dog" daring them. I swear if I ever use that phrase when I am in my fifties I will rip out my own tongue. Finally as she was leaving she made some comment about how luck her husband was since she was the only one who could/would put up with him. Yessir he is one lucky gent, my guess is he is being punished for sins in a previous life.

I hope that this was the last gasp of the summer tourists, sort of like a commuter indian summer.


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